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Come Back Next Year!

The sun has set on IL2017.  It was a great conference, and there was lots to learn. I enjoyed bringing you this blog of many of the conference sessions. Click here to view the presentations of most of the speakers which are available on the conference website. The dates and venue for IL2018 are being […]

Closing Panel

Closing Keynote Panel: Future Focus

The closing panel, Future Focus, was composed of Misty Jones, Director, San Diego Public Library; Bobbi Newman, Community Outreach & Engagement Specialist, National Network of Libraries of Medicine; Gary Schaffer, Director, Library & Information Management Programs, University of Southern California; and Larry Magid, Technology Analyst, CBS News and Columnist, San Jose Mercury News and […]

(L-R) John Andrews, Corinne Hill, Trey Gordner

At the Top of Google Search Results

This panel addressed the problem of promoting libraries through Google searches. Trey Gordner, Founder and CEO of Koios, thought libraries could use some digital marketing. There are two ways to appear in search results. There are two ways to appear in search results; organic search results through “search engine optimization” (SEO) or though paid advertising also […]

David Lee King

Innovative Ways of Connecting With Your Community

  David Lee King discussed using your data to figure out new ways to connect with your customers (which is called market research in the business world). This is not weird! Use your data GIS mapping will show you characteristics of the library’s service area. For example, here is a map of the county served […]

Empowering People

Creating a Culture of Innovation

Lisa Carlucci Thomas, Director, Dissemination & Implementation, Center for Social Innovation (C4), said that C4’s goal since its founding in 2006 has been to share innovative practices. Innovation is an opportunity to disseminate to social scientists how to stay innovative in behavioral health and housing and social services.  Needs of mobile users were considered; a […]

Jeanne Holm

The Wednesday Keynote: Magic Sauce for the Future

Jeanne Holm, Sr. Tech Advisor to the Mayor and Deputy CIO, City of Los Angeles, said that LA has 4 million people from 44 countries who speak 220 languages. There are 48,000 city employees. LA is a smart city using technology to connect. A smart city is one that connects its citizens; LA wants to […]