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    Get the Computers in Libraries 2015 Program!

    Libraries are all about communities, about bringing people and resources together for learning, growing and entertainment; basically synching up for success! Computers in Libraries 2015 continues a long tradition of looking at emerging technologies, hearing ...

Zeth Lietzau, Jenny Howland , Susan Faust, Uyen Tran

Community Makerspaces

Representatives from three libraries described how they have created makerspaces for their communities. Some of the things they have done were to host Maker Faires…

Josh Hanagarne

Is Technology Changing Our Brains? The Wednesday Keynote

Technology is changing our brains. How will we react to that? Our memory is changing in response to technology. One result is Internet addiction. What might this mean for libraries? A library exists to be a symbol of unasked questions and to make people free to ask them.