Recent Events

Bloggers at Computers in Libraries

  • Mary A. Axford / @AcademicPKMAcademic PKM – Crystal Renfro and Mary Axford blog about personal knowledge management concepts & tools, academic workflow, and collaborative learning.
  • Jacob Berg / @jacobsbergBeerbrarian – He will blog about sessions attended & takeaways from the conference, best practices in presenting, and a guide to the area around the conference, among other topics.
  • Heather Braum / @hbraumLibrarian in the Cloud – A blog about libraries and more.
  • Jane Dysart / @jdysartDysart & Jones Associates – D&J blog covers all kinds of planning, leadership, strategic and critical thinking, knowledge sharing, libraries as well as marketing, advocacy, keeping up with technology, and other issues important to libraries and information professionals.
  • Jill Hurst-Wahl / @jill_hw – Digitization 101 – A blog focused on copyright, digitization and things I’m learning (like at CIL). Jill can be found in Session C102 – Enabling Innovation.
  • Jim DelRosso / @niwandajonesThe Nascent Librarian – A blog that started off documenting my process of becoming a librarian, and now tends to discuss issues in and around librarianship. You can find Jim in W19 – Digital Repositories: Strategies & Techniques and C205 – Re-Creating Success With DigitalCommons.
  • Joe Murphy / @libraryfutureLibrary Future – Analyzing the elements guiding where libraries are headed: library creativity, technology directions, market trends, cultural and consumer elements, and library innovations.
  • Kimberly Hoffman / @kmh_nowinvaJust do Good Work – A blog that combines books, technology, work & life experiences, philosophy and quirks.
  • Mary Beth Sancomb-Moran / @mbsamImpromptu Librarian – A blog about things libraries and not.
  • Michael Casey / @michaelecaseyMichael E Casey – A blog about libraries, librarianship, and technology. Michael will post information regarding his session as well as information about sessions he attends and takeaways from the conference.
  • Wilfred Drew / @billdrew4Bill Drew The Librarian – My blog is both personal and professional. I will be blogging about the sessions I attend as well as about other things going on at CIL2014. I will use my blog to take notes during the various sessions so it will tend to be lists and quick notes of things I feel are important. I tend to be opinionated so read at your own risk.
  • Marie KaddellThe Government Info Pro – Marie blogs on topics pertinent to information professionals working in federal, state and local government, military, and court libraries, as well as those with an interest in government information.