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Tuesday Evening Session

The Tuesday Evening Session: Death Match!

The always popular Tuesday evening session was moderated by Erik Boekesteijn and featured four teams debating  in a “Death Match”. Contestants appeared in a variety of costumes which added to the interest in the session.                               David Lee King: Apps win every time; mobile […]

Brian Pichman

Privacy, the Dark Web, and Hacker Devices

Brian Pichman, Director, Evolve Project, gave a presentation that was full of information and tips on hacking and protecting yourself and your library. He noted that formerly, nobody knew who you are (recall the well known New Yorker cartoon “on the internet, nobody knows you are a dog”). Today, your digital identity can be created […]

Melissa Rassibi

Navigating Physical and Digital Spaces

Melissa Rassibi, Reference and Outreach Services Librarian, California State University Northridge, spoke about digital learning objects: our users, our collection, our goals. The library did a website reorganization with a goal of improving student learning outcomes. If you have a list of links that is too many for users or a wall of text, they […]

Amy Affelt

Internet Search Privacy Tips and Tricks

  Amy Affelt, Director, Database Research Worldwide at Compass Lexecon, began with the basics of search privacy. The issue is “how did we get here?” Just 6 months ago, we could have never imagined the need for privacy safeguards. Some safeguards were recently repealed; here are some of the ramifications. Notice that ISPs can now […]

Paul Barrows

The Librarian as a Trusted Advisor: New Skills and Mindsets for the 21st Century

Paul Kaidy Barrows, Research Librarian at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, said that although the title of this session as listed in the conference program used the term “consultant”, librarians are more like trusted advisors who develop strong professional and personal relationships with clients. They are transactors, problem solvers, consultants, and then trusted […]

Greg Lucas

Tuesday Keynote: Innovating, Experimenting & Building a Future of Libraries in a Digital Environment

Greg Lucas, State Librarian of California, was the Tuesday keynote speaker. He is optimistic about the future. He began with some background information on California: We know that nearly all Californians are immigrants, some arrived more recently than others. Where did they come from? Everywhere. Today, 30% of Californians were born in a foreign country–the […]