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  • Welcome to Monterey!


    Welcome to the blog for Internet Librarian 2018 (hereafter called IL2018)!  I look forward to bringing you news of significant events and presentations, beginning with the Pre-Conference sessions tomorrow morning.  I hope you enjoy the ...

AR and VR Speakers

Getting Started in Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR): Pre-Conference Workshop

Brian Pichman (Director of Strategic Iovation, Evolve Project), Chad Marin, I(nstruction Librarian, St. Petersburg College), Tod Colegrove (Head, DeLaMare Library, University of Nevada-Reno) collaborated to present a fascinating and forward-looking review of Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR). Chad  began with a review of creating virtual experiences in the library. The library is now […]

Extreme UX

Extreme UX: Trends in User Experience: Pre-Conference Workshop

IL 2018 kicked off with a day of about a dozen pre-conference workshops. I attended two half-day workshops. The first one featured three expert information professionals examining aspects of the user experience in libraries. Customer/User Journey Mapping Darlene Fichter from the University of Saskatchewan began with a discussion of journey mapping. A user journey map […]

CIL 2019

Come to CIL 2019!

Another CIL conference has concluded. It was very successful and explored many topics of significant current interest, some of which have been summarized in this blog. With four or five simultaneous tracks, there were many sessions that I was not able to attend. However, many of the slides from the speaker’s presentations, as well as […]

Elaine Lasda and Richard Hulser

Measuring Research Impact and Maximizing Impact Using Bibliometrics and Altmetrics

Elaine Lasda, Associate Librarian, University at Albany, began with a brief overview of citation metrics and altmetrics. Altmetrics are more useful than traditional citation counts because they recognize research not reported in the traditional literature such as those on social media, and are more timely, reporting data in months, not years. Proprietary (not free) bibliometric […]

Kerry Keegan

The Gen Z Tech Disruption: Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Kerry Keegan, Training and Library Solutions Consultant, Atlas Systems, described some of the newest members of our population: the Gen Zs. Here are the generations as they are commonly defined. Keegan polled the audience and found that half of it was made up of Millennials. The oldest Gen Zs are now just entering college. We […]

Laura Soto-Barra and Rebecca Jones

What Our Library Stopped Doing

STOP! Rebecca Jones, Managing Partner, Dysart & Jones Associates, said that we often speak about the new things we are doing in our libraries, but sometimes you have to stop doing things to make way for something new. . We all like to do things in which we are competent, and we don’t like to […]