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    CIL 2019 has concluded.  As usual, there were many new and fascinating topics highlighted in the presentations.  You can see the speakers’ presentations here. Be sure and mark your calendar now with the date for ...

Peter Velikonja

Preparing Libraries For the Digital Future

Peter Velikonja, Head, Research, Koios, LLC, presented a fascinating discussion of what communities want using Google Search data. Koios loves libraries; how do we raise awareness of them? Libraries are the epicenters of information. How do we make the connection between what the library has and what the public wants. The Toronto Public Library displays […]

Terence Huwe

Library Publishing 2019: Milestones and Forecasts

Terence Huwe, Library Director Emeritus, Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, University of California, Berkeley, referred to The Once and Future Publishing Library by Ann Okerson and Alex Holzman (CLIR, 2015) and reviewed the history of libraries as publishers (photo). The skill of publishing books dates back to the 1600s. Many US university presses […]

Sue Considine and Ben Bizzle

Engaging With Impact Stories

Sue Considine, an independent consultant and former Executive Director of the Fayetteville NY Public Library, and Ben Bizzle, CEO, Library Market and Co-author, Start a Revolution: Stop Acting Like a Library (ALA, 2014) are writing a book It’s All About the Story to be published by ALA. Libraries are the one place in a community […]

Lee Rainie and Jane Dysart

The Closing Keynote: Trust, Facts, and Democracy: How Libraries Fit Into the Biggest Issues of These Times

Popular and frequent CIL speaker Lee Rainie, Director, Internet and Technology Research at the Pew Research Center, keynoted the final day of CIL2019. Some of Pew’s primary stakeholders are librarians and are parodied regularly on The Onion. Since the 2016 election Pew has paid attention to the cultural stresses going on. There is an interplay […]