Recent Events

Closing Session Panelists

Libraries’ Biggest Challenges and Solutions For the Future: The Closing Keynote Panel

This closing session, moderated by Jane Dysart, was a conversation discussing the challenges for libraries in the future and some solutions to them. Panelists were Donna Scheeder, Past President, IFLA, and Consultant, Library Strategies International; Jason Griffey, Founder, Evolve Project; Susan Broman, Assistant City Librarian, Los Angeles Public Library; ad Peter Raymond, Founder and CEO, […]

Trey Gordner

Google Analytics and My Business

Trey Gordner, Founder, Koios, presented the following top 10 tips for Google Analytics. Get certified. Google has an “Analytics Academy” giving courses on various aspects of Google Analytics. Check for the code everywhere. Find out the purpose of the code for every subdomain on your site. If the code is not there, you will not […]

Bill Irwin and Kim Silk

Changing Stakeholder Perceptions About Library Value

Bill Irwin, Assistant Professor, Huron University College and Kimberly Silk, Sr. Planning and Development Officer, Hamilton Public Library, focused on the good, bad, and ugly aspects of evaluation in the workplace. Good: evaluation can provide data to management on library users. Bad: how can you find it good if you don’t go anywhere with it? […]

Jason Griffey

Measure the Future: Next-Gen Metrics for Libraries

Jason Griffey, a consultant formerly at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard University, was also librarian at the University of Tennessee. The library staff wanted to measure the attention of library visitors: where people tended to go and how long they stayed there, which can be thought of as similar to Google Analytics for a […]

Makerspace Panel

From Makerspace to Solve Space

This double session was a mini-workshop with tips and techniques on setting up a makerspace. Chad Mairn from the St. Petersburg College library said we need to try new things and not be afraid to fail but learn from them. If you don’t try out something, it will probably not be a good fit with […]