Recent Events


Looking Ahead to 24 and 250

The 23rd Internet Librarian has come to a close with attendees heading home filled with new knowledge and eager to experiment with what they’ve learned during the time they’ve been in Monterey. Looking ahead to next year, Internet Librarian will be the 20-22 October with pre-conference sessoins on the 19th. It should be just as […]


Smart Community Engagement & Enablement

Keynoting the third day of Internet Librarian is Rolf Hapel, Professor of Practice, University of Washington Information School and former Director, Citizen Services & Libraries, Aarhus, Denmark, speaking about his experience designing the Dokk1 library, which opened in 2015. Its vision statement doesn’t even mention books or technology, even though the library has both. Important […]


Wizards, Prophets, and Our Future

The Tuesday Evening session on Wizards, Prophets & Our Future transformed the hotel conference room into a world straight out of the future. Full of costumes, music, and interesting sets, it began with Erik Boekestejn cradling a small robot as he set the scene. Rolf Hapel contemplated the library of the future and Rebecca Jones, […]