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It’s A Wrap!

Hundreds of Internet librarians returned to offices around the country this week, energized and challenged by what we heard at Internet Librarian 2005.

It’s impossible to capture the conference buzz in a few short notes (you’ll have to read this blog and all the others for that), but here are just a few random stand-out thoughts:
– Google was present and part of the conversation, unlike past events where they were talked about and not there. Adam Smith accepted all the Google-bashing with good humor and shared some thinking from inside the Googleplex.
– Continuous partial attention, mentioned by Liz Lawley in her Tuesday keynote has come repeatedly to mind as I multi-task my way through the work on my desk this week.
– Young, enthusiastic librarians who are proud and excited about what they are doing! The cheers and spontaneous rounds of applause during various sessions were contagious.
– Connected attendees, speakers, and bloggers as evidenced by people perched with open laptops all over the place; often the most prized seats were near the power outlets and having wifi was terrific!
– Keynote speakers, beginning with Lee Rainie and ending with Stephen Abram, were awesome and though-provoking. Those who left early and missed Stephen will know better next time!

That’s it — your Internet Librarian fix for the year. Mark your calendar for October 23-25, 2006, again in Monterey!

Nancy Garman
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