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Pat’s Social Networking A to Z

[Note by Don: Steve Cohen gave a wonderful summary of social networking software. (Steve writes the librarystuff blog, which is published by Information Today, and is contributing to this blog as well.) Following Steve’s model, Pat Feeney, our Guest Blogger, compiled her own list.]

The comments below are mine, but I thank Gary, Greg, Steven, and others for all the links, most of which I have yet to explore. I invite everyone to explore them with me. I know there’s some cool stuff listed below. Many thanks also to Don Hawkins for the invitation to be a guest blogger. If I never blog again, at least I can say I’ve done it!

A:—the new kid on the block—watch out!; Awesome—all the speakers and their presentations

B: Blogging! Bloglines, Book Pricing Comparisons

C: CustomizeGoogle (using Firefox)


E: Exhilarated, Exhausted – what I was for 5 days, depending on time of day!

F: Filangy, Furl (

G: Google – yes still, and forever…

H: Happy to be here this year

I: Infomine E-Alerts,

J: Just wishing I already understood all I’ve heard this week!

K: Kind and generous with their time—all conference participants.

L: LookAhead

M: More—give me more, please.

N: Nexidia

O: Open Content Alliance

P: , Pandora

Q: Questions? Yes I’ve got questions—I’ll probably be bugging some of you soon!

R: RSS, Rollyo

S: Squeet, ,

T: Topix, TerraFly

U: Virtual Training Suite

V; Vendors—saw all I planned to, and others I’m happy I spent time with.

W: Webaroo

X: EXalead ( (OK, it’s the closest I could get to an “X!”)

Y: Yes, I’ll come again!

Z: ZapTxt

Pat Feeney
Unisys Corporation and Infotodayblog Guest Blogger

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