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Clicking Ahead of the Pack with Gary

Keeping up with our fast-changing online information world is what Gary Price does possibly better than anyone (possibly because he doesn’t sleep?). He’s the founder and publisher of the popular ResourceShelf. While I’ve heard him speak many times, I always manage to pick up several items of interest. Today he provided some of his latest favorite top sources and search tips. Here’s just a few of the highlights that I noted.

He showed a wonderful site called It’s a “realistic 3D model of the earth online where you can explore, collaborate and interact with people, objects and the world around you.” It provides aerial images and links to traffics cams provided by (an aggregator).
He pointed out that offers free access to K-12 schools and to public libraries. Also, many special collections are available to all.  
One I was very happy to learn about is Market Research from U.S. Commercial Service. “An example of our tax dollars at work,” said Gary.
While he mentioned some cool Web 2.0 tools, like Meebo and Zoho, he thinks that many of the Web 2.0 companies will be gone within the year. He showed a Reuters article that highlights the results of a study showing weaker than expected participation on Web 2.0 sites.
All the links from his presentation are available here:
News Bureau Chief, ITI
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