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Fox on Mobile Device Developments

Megan Fox is running through recent developments in mobile technology. Too many to capture (she did warn us she speaks very quickly), so here are just a few high points. Mobile devices are widespread and people use them for all kinds of things other than phone calls. One device is sold with matching nail polish. You can navigate on some devices using gestures, Tilt the screen to scroll down. New bar codes are two dimensional. On a personal note, I do wish people would pronounce Nokia properly – all Finnish words have the accent on the first syllable. It’s NO keea.
Now she’s moving on to mobile web. Access to content delivered over web. There will be content born mobile. There’s an important suffix (.mob).
Transcoded web lets you look at almost any web page on your mobile screen. It does a "good enough" job. Cool tools for transcoding such as esyurl, let you make a tinyurl and determine if it needs to be transcoded. Mowser and Opera Mini are browsers for mobiles. Tiles are mini previews of content. TeaShark, Skyfox, Netfront are other mobile browsers with previews and zoom. Mozilla’s working on this.
Information now available on handheld –,, major league baseball,,, (speed trap on highways),, Melissa data, Hoover’s. PressReader for Windows Mobile. Library vendors, such as EBSCO, talking about mobile content but don’t intend to develop it themselves. Hmm, she just mentioned recipes on your mobile. There’s an interesting thought. It would actually help when grocery shopping.
Britannica Mobile for iPhone, news outlets are also delivering content to small screens.
Audio and textual ebooks have been developed for iPhones, Blackberries. Audible Air was purchased by Amazon. Public library with .mobi. What would a mobile user want? Library hours, upcoming events. What are ILS companies doing?
Multimedia has taken over from podcasts. Tech blogs are replete with embedded videos. Microsoft Silverlight. You can get TV on your mobile. Over 25 channels.
Web searching on your mobile: Google Yahoo – use them for ready reference. User wants facts and answers, not list of web sites. There’s also text searching. Text to Google, Yahoo, Live (wish she’d mentioned ChaCha). Now she’s talking about 4info. has nutrition on the go, which tells you nutritional content of fast food. Simmons Library uses texting. You can integrate SMS with email. Other tools include Google Gears brings cloud computing to your desktop, task manager Remember the Milk.
What’s next?? Changes in printed word fueled by epaper. Phones will be able to project movies, PPTs. Sunglasses that you plug into your iPod and watch movies. Look at Microsoft Surface project (I saw that demonstrated at NFAIS last month).
Slides will be at
There’s laptops open all over this room but very few people are taking notes on their mobile device.
Marydee Ojala
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