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Making Wikis Work

Boy, l wish I had attended Ohio University’s Chad’s Boeninger’s presentation "Wikis: Managing, Marketing, and Making them Work" before I asked my students in my online Introduction to Social Media class at the New School to create a wiki. I’ve struggled to get participation Chad offered more than a dozen pointers on what makes for a successful Wiki project. Here’s what I found to be some of his most compelling points:

· Define the purpose of the wiki and what problem will it solve
· Get help in choosing your wiki software by going to the site WikiMatrix at
· Provide structure and content: don’t start with a blank page
· Get ideas from others on what makes for a good wiki: check out the Wikiindex at
· See the wiki with your older content to get new content going
· Don’t feel bad when people change and edit your content, and don’t expect perfection
· Provide help: lots of it, and in various forms and formats, including personal assistance
· If need be, "force" users to add content by getting a top person in your organization announce the importance of adding content to the Wiki

Maybe it’s not too late-I’m going to start implementing Chad’s tips on my class Wiki and see if I can revive it!

Bob Berkman, Editor of Information Advisor

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