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Neat and Nifty Tools for Managing Information

I always enjoy the tools and gadget sessions at Internet Librarian and CIL that Barbara Fullerton helps put together.  They are very fast paced and packed full of wonderfully useful information.  At CIL 2008, she teamed up with Roger Skalbeck, a law librarian at Georgetown University Law Library, to put together a review of some great tools for managing information and solving common problems encountered by web users.

Here’s the list of problems.  You can find the solutions and links to them on Roger’s CIL wiki page.  An amplified list of these and related tools is here.

Read an RSS feed without a reader
Get color ideas for a website
Conduct an online demonstration on a remote computer
Make links, RSS  feeds, etc. available to all your web visitors
Manipulate PDF files without Adobe Acrobat
Check the performance of your website if images and Javascript are turned off
Create an RSS feed if a website doesn’t have it
Find which Web 2.0 services people are using
Check DLLs, find what they are for, see if they are a danger to your PC
Install scripts to run WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and similar services
Search a fixed set of websites
Check how your website appears in different browsers  without needing to install them on your PC
Obtain screenshots
Obtain new colors or fonts for a website
Track when web pages are updated
Post to multiple blogs with one tool
Create a quick slideshow
Organize and cite research and create a bibliography for free
Make your own videos and play them on your own media player
Play YouTube videos offline

Don Hawkins
Columnist, Information Today and CIL 2008 Blog Coordinator

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