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She's From the Government and…

 Joking that she’s from the government and she’s here to help, Donna Scheeder, who’s at the Law Library at the Library of Congress, ran her Cybertour on government information from her iGoogle page. The government is blogging; the blogs are listed at GovGab ( is written by librarians. Donna also recommends using the government’s widgets and gadgets on your library’s websites. Members of Congress are using Twitter. Capitol Tweets  follows who’s twittering. There’s a citywide data warehouse for DC . Other cities have this, too. The government has free ringtones. 2009 will see a government transition and the teams have set up a wiki to manage the process. Want to work for the government? Look at GovCentral. The Library of Congress puts podcasts on the web that you can download. tracks money and politics. Opensecrets has information on money and politics. You can add this widget to your website. The Smithsonian also has blogs. They’ve also got a Smithsonian community. She’s ending the tour with the government’s main page,

Marydee Ojala


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