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Tips for Making Podcasts and Videos

This afternoon in Track C, in a huge room that was crowded with people,  a few presenters gave some good tips for recording videos and podcasts:

  • If you’re recording your own face, be aware of what angle you’re facing in relation to the camera.
  • Invest in a good microphone.
  • Don’t position the mic directly in front of your mouth; it could capture lots of "heavy breathing."
  • Finding volunteers to appear on camera can be the hardest part of making a video.
  • Many computers come loaded with some free video-editing software.
  • Make sure to plan what to say or to have a prepared script.

And here are some cool ways to use video:

  • for staff training
  • to let patrons make tutorials
  • have the director record messages for staff or customers
  • to share things like strategic plans with staff
  • create library tours
  • show "a day in the life" of your department

What interesting ways has your library used video and podcasts??

~Kathy Dempsey



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