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Networking at CIL09

There are so many great opportunities to meet and chat with colleagues at CIL, not including during workshops and sessions, standing in line for food or to register, getting a coffee, riding the elevator or escalator:

  • Sunday evening, Games & Gadgets Petting Zoo, 5.30-7.30
  • Dine Arounds, dinner with colleagues at specific restaurants with a topic — if you want to chat about that, but you can chat about anything!  (check here to register, Sun thru Wed evenings)
  • Breakfast every morning before our fabulous keynote presentations
  • Coffee breaks in the exhibit hall in the morning & afternoon
  • Monday evening exhibit hall reception
  • Tuesday evening Dead & Innovative Technology session, 7.30-9pm
  • Wednesday "free lunch" in the exhibit hall, yes it is free and on April Fool’s Day!
  • and, of course, virtually, on the conference wiki


Jane Dysart, Conference Program Chair


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