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Opening CIL Keynote, Mon Mar 29


Lee Rainie

Lee Rainie is a good friend of librarians and Information Today.  We are pleased to welcome him back to CIL09 to open our conference with this his talk, Friending Libraries:  The Nodes in People’s Social Networks.  I was just having a look at the website for Lee’s organization, Pew Internet and American Life Project — and guess what?  It has a new look and feel.  If you haven’t checked it out lately, please have a look, and also see all the new reports they have.  Lee tells me there are more new reports coming and he plans to share results of the new research with attendees at Computers in Libraries 2009!  Don’t miss it.  And check out the link to his talk at CIL09 on the front of the Pew Internet web page — yeah!

Jane Dysart, Conference Program Chair

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