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Aaron Schmidt (works for DC public library, but lives in Portland Oregon) listing best of the web. He’s got screenshots for each of the tools he’s talking about, but URLs not always obvious. Starting with Firefox add-ons such as Greasemonkey, Customize Google, Better GMail 2. Another recommendation: skins for Google Reader. Image things such as Wikimedia Commons, Flickr image search, Pictobrowser, Skitch (screenshot tool), Jing (record screencasts), Screen Toaster, Vimeo, PostRank (metrics on blog post popularity), Copy & Paste, Today’sMeet (creates temporary online space), Doodle (schedule meetings), WhenIsGood (also to schedule meetings), Let Me Google That For You, (color schemes), TagCrowd (creates tag clouds), Wordle (also creates tag clouds), Qapture (aggregates tweets),, TweetDeck, Vyew (always on collaboragion and live web conferencing, webinar on the cheap), Thematic Power Blog (WordPress themes for your blog), TED talks, GoogleVoice, Google Docs, Zoho, Net News Wire (only for Mac), Prezi (software), 280 slides, LovelyCharts, Typetester, and commercial for Lithuanian library (it’s a video in Lithuanian, but you still get the point that the library is the place to go to learn even if you don’t understand Lithuanian).

Now he’s into live demoing some of these. And asking the audience for suggestions. First up, Evernote.  Zotero to pull citations from OPAC (Firefox addon). (gives you current time globally). (a to do list website). to watch TV shows and movies. ToodleDo (temporary to do lists). Senduit (creates a link to a website instead of sending an attachment. Windows MovieMaker to edit videos taken with Nikon D90. Remote support: use DropBox (puts files on virtual storage site, acts like real folder on your computer). Google Chrome (only for PCs) browser.


Marydee Ojala, Editor, ONLINE: Exploring Technology & Resources

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