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Social Network Profile Management

Greg Schwartz: Tips to manage your identity: Own your username (look at checkusernames to see if your name has been taken). Join the conversation (if the conversation is about you, you need to say something). Listen to what others are saying about you (follow your username). Be authentic (connect your digital identity with your real one).

Amanda Clay Powers: Teaches 2.0 in Mississippi. Social networks are just another way to let people tell their stories. Disconnect between what people know and don’t know. Why are librarians are on social networks? Creating and managing identity is tied into information management and metadata. Our place is to educate people about what they’re doing with information about themselves. Facebook – upper left hand has feeds that you can manage to control what you see – privacy settings for profile.

Sarah Houghton-Jan: Library social network profiles: managing your identity as a library. Sarah’s Rules: Identity: Register with uniform user names, Register with uniform generic email, Profile information on site should be current. Communication: Quick replies to users’ messages, Personal in tone when posting, speaking, Keep it open to everyone. What not to do: Identity: Register with random strange usernames, Register with individual emails, Outdated profile informaiotn. Communication: Slow ow no replies to users, Institutional in tone, Restricting access.  Watch our for over- and under-management. Look at, Open ID and ClaimID, or Hellowtet, AtomKeep.

Michael Porter: Making sure that WebJunction’s presence on social networks is appropriate and there. He’s LibraryMan. Online resume for the company. Search Twitter for WebJunction. Flickr pictures. Photos of swag. Tweet about workshop. Show personality through photos. But don’t be too goofy because might be interpreted as insensitive. Have fun with tools. Don’t post nearly naked pictures. Do share success stories. Don’t put embarassing pictures.

Start of conversation. Should you have separate identities for personal and professional uses? They will bleed together over time. Functionality is more important than brand. What happens when your boss friends you? Your personal identity and your professional identity are intertwined. You don’t have to post everything. Creating institutional profiles versus personal profiles. Apps you can add to institutional identity on Facebook. Cross pollinating from one social network site to another is important for marketing your library.


Marydee Ojala

Editor, ONLINE: Exploring Technology & Resources for Information Professionals

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