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Twitter Day @ CIL

Wow what a day!  We, our conference twitter bunch using #CIL2009 in our tweets, are a top trending topic on Twitter today!  We rock!  Follow the Twitter stream for CIL here.  We figure there about 60 tweets a minute from CIL.  Amazing.

Following this morning’s keynote, I was walking with our keynote speaker Paul Holdengraber of NYPL who was checking his blackberry.  He showed me a message from a NYC friend that said, “You really wowed them at CIL”.  Paul said to me,”This came in  not a half hour after my talk.  How did she know?”  I said, I suspected she saw it on Twitter.  I shared with him the stream of comments about his talk.  He was most impressed with everyone’s comments.  Apparently the NYPL has been trying to talk Paul into twittering and suggested he would have lots of followers.  Well, Paul, we know you’ll probably have at least 2000 information professionals who will be following you as soon as you sign in and probably many more thousands around the world.  See on Twitter soon.

Jane Dysart, Conference Program Chair


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