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Content Management in Public Libraries

Aubria Keleman, Teen Services and Web Coordinator, Whatcom County Library System, and Tao Gao, Executive Director and Leaad Programmer, Live2Create talking about Rumba with Joomla in the Implementing CMS track. CMS is exciting because webmaster doesn’t need to do everything. Pre-redesign stuff you should do: collect stats, review your brand, collect photos, run focus groups and set explicit goals in priority order. This could be done two years out.  Theirs was egalatarian effort, involved staff as much as possible. For project management, they set up a wiki using PBWiki. They had to rewrite their content and the wiki was really useful for keeping everybody on the same page. Now she’s showing screen shot of home page before makeover. It was very confusing. And now it’s the new website where people can find things! Navigation is much more obvious. Showing Joomla calendar, internal blogs, kids page. Users are spending more time on the library’s page. The new site is W3C compiant, very flexible, and the bottleneck has ended. Want to see increase in use of databases.

There are still issues with assigning authors to particular content, calendar (takes too much staff time) , and migration.

Tao Gao talking about Joomla. Design process uses wireframes, graphic mockups, and template development. Uses Adobe products and FileZilla. There are some security issues but they’re not serious. Look at Joomla in Libraries blog.


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