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OCLC's "Web-Scale Library Mangement System" Strategy

OCLC President Jay Jordan Discussed Plans to Support Libraries from "The Cloud"

It's a matter of scale, said OCLC Presdient Jay Jordan

As promised in an earlier blog post, let me bring you up to-date on how OCLC is planning to support such core library functions as circulation management, acquisitions, and Electronic Resource Management (ERM) via a web-based, cloud computing service offering.

In an earlier post, I likened their recently announced plans to offer “web-scale library management” services as being tantamount to transforming the world’s largest library cataloger into a world class  ILS (Integrated Library System) vendor.

In a private interview yesterday, OCLC President Jay Jordan, likened it more to an “ILS alternative,” a next-generation approach to library management, if you will.

Hear what he had to say where it might all go in this short (3-minute) audio clip.

Dick Kaser, ITI, VP, Content

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