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ALA's Intellectual Freedom Roundtable Stretched the Envelope

ALA's Intellectual Freedom Roundtable Stretched the Envelope

I must confess I was a little disappointed.  The program listing for the Intellectual Freedom Roundtable today described the session as:   “America’s War on Sex:  The Demonization of Pornography.”

I was rather expecting a First Amendment discussion.  Pornography, after all, is protected speech, you know.

What I got instead was more consistent with the title of the speaker’s new book:  “America’s War on Sex:  The Attack on Law, Lust & Liberty,” which according to the book’s promotional material is about  “how the government and the Religious Right use the regulation of sexual expression, entertainment, and health care to undermine secular democracy.”

So, yes, it was about sex, often expressed in terms too vivid to share with you here, but it was really about politics and religion, which as everyone knows make for the strangest bedfellows of all.

Dick Kaser, ITI, VP, Content

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