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What’s New at Ingram Digital?

There’s big news at Ingram Digital these days. I met with Rich Rosy, vice president of library services at Ingram Digital yesterday morning, and he shared a few high points on the new marketing face that the company will have on its two divisions of publishing and commercial services. The company’s reorganization is so new that Rosy is still awaiting his new “official” title.

“We’re coming to our customers now with one message and one solution,” says Rosy. So far, he says feedback has been good about the August launch of Ingram Digital’s new expanded offerings. The focus will target academic libraries on the print and electronic publishing side. “Academic libraries are a huge market that transcend the U.S.,” says Rosy.

As Ingram Digital has rolled out its initiatives so far in 2009, the company has been true to offering econtent in a plethora of formats: MyiLibrary audiobooks that are compatible with iPod, iPhone, and iTouch; a new partnership with Serials Solutions as a Knowledgeware-certified provider; platform updates with the release of MyiLibrary 5.0; and expansion into the U.K. and Taiwan. And the innovations continue.

Budget cuts and trimming are forcing libraries to be value-conscious, says Rosy. “Libraries evaluate and re-evaluate, and evaluate again to make sure they are getting the best value.” And while digital content is booming just about everywhere, the next step is tracking how the digital content is actually being used. “That’s the next phase,” says Rosy. “Usage.”

Ingram’s new push is designed to help libraries get the most value with less processing time and more built-in efficiencies. “We want to help them make informed decisions,” he says. “They are demanding that.”

—Barbara Brynko
Information Today
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