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Springer Rolls Out SpringerImages

Stuart Koziol and George Scotti introduced SpringerImages at ALA.

Stuart Koziol and George Scotti introduced SpringerImages at ALA.

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words, and Springer Science+Business Media is wasting no time giving researchers access to more than a million of them with the launch of its new SpringerImages.

The Springer innovation team has been busy this year, delivering a trio of state-of-the-art products to Springer’s portfolio to date: AuthorMapper (searches journal articles and plots the location of authors on a map), Exemplar (a full-text search tool designed to explain how a term is used in context), and now SpringerImages.

Stuart Koziol, product manager for Springer Protocols, says researchers, students, and faculty now have one-touch access to more than 1.6 million scientific and medical images for non-commerical use. Researchers can take their pick of photos, graphs, histograms, figures, tables … you name it. SpringerImages focuses on the STM market in 18 subject areas, says Koziol. Best yet, the images are based on vetted sources, such as SpringerLink and images.MD, according to George Scotti, global marketing director of library relations.

With SpringerImages, an image is presented in context with a full caption as well as extracts from the original text and source details via an abstract or a link to the full text. Once a user finds an image, it can be downloaded to a PowerPoint or PDF with drag-and-drop ease. Users can also create and save their own image sets in the My Image Sets folder on the right side of the screen.

“Librarians can be assured that SpringerImages speeds up the entire research process, while offering up-to-date images from trusted sources,” says Koziol. Likewise, researchers get targeted results based on the most current data that can be used to display the most current data in lectures or presentations.

“We’re offering two licensing models based on an access-only annual subscription model,” says Koziol. “The first is for the entire collection—all 18 disciplines. The second is just the medical and life sciences.” Pricing depends on the size of the institution. New customers can opt for a 60-day trial to test the product for themselves; researchers worldwide also have free access for searching and viewing thumbnails in the SpringerImages collection.

Scotti also reports that the SpringerImages collection is just beginning. At least 500,000 images will be added to the collection each year.

Barbara Brynko
Information Today

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