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Does Google Make You Stupid?

LITA Panelists (l-r), Maurice York (moderator), John Blyberg, Joan Frye Williams , Clifford Lynch, Gert van den Boogen, Eric Lease Morgan, and Roy Tennant
LITA Panelists (l-r), Maurice York (moderator), Eric Lease Morgan, Joan Frye Williams , Clifford Lynch, John Blyberg, Geert van den Boogaard, and Roy Tennant

During yesterday’s Top Technology Trends panel an audience member asked the question many have been asking recently, does Google’s omnipresent availability make it so easy to find out the answers to our questions that we don’t need to think any more? Or, in other words, is Google making us stupid?

Hear how panelist John Blyberg (Darien Library) replied in this short (<60-second) audio clip.


Dick Kaser, ITI, VP, Content

P.S. Google’s Top Response to “Where is Uzbekistan?”

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