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Helping You Quantifiably Justify Your Existence

Ian Reid, Director of Subscriber Services at Counting Opinions

Ian Reid, Director of Subscriber Services at Counting Opinions

Need help justifying your existence?  Who doesn’t these days.

You may find help from a company called Counting Opinions, one of the exhibitors at the ALA Expo this year.

According to the headline on its promotional brochure Counting Opinions offers “Evidence-based management for advocacy and continuous improvement” at your library.

I spoke with company representative Ian Reid yesterday, who outlined what the software package can do for you, including a module that supports the measurement of patron satisfaction via surveys and web form tools that you can customize.

The software can also help you track, monitor and assess core performance indicators, including tracking book circulation data and door counts to  produce metrics and  indices.

“It consolidates all performance information to get a 360-degree view of library operations,” Reid said.

The company has been in business a few years, but recently has made a special push toward helping academic libraries track and manage their performance.

Subscription prices are calibrated to the type of library, so you will  have to inquire for full details.  But, especially this year, it might be something worth looking into.  “Why settle for anecdotes when you can have hard evidence?,” Reid said.

Dick Kaser, ITI VP, Content

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