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The closing session featured a Bluff the Internet Librarian game, modeled on NPR’s Wait Wait don’t tell me. Aaron Schmidt introduces game host Jenny Levine. The panel is Megan Fox, Barbara Fullerton, and Joe Murphy. Each panelists tells a story about a new gadget and the librarian has to decide which is true and which is not. First player must decide among Shrinklets pen, charging phone while cycling, or augmented reality for mobile devices. Fake gadget was the pen. BioLogic ReeCharge is real. Layar is real.

Second player must figure out whether Fast Flip, a Google product that uses touch screen on Android device, Microvision Laser Pico Projector, which is the size of mobile phone and can project onto any surface, or British Academic Mobile Library, a full mobile electronic library. The mobile library is the fake.

Now it’s on to the third player. A new ebook reader that lets you lend ebooks, solar energy light that damages tissue on contact, or Frankencamera that’s build on Linux. Light saber is fake. Barnes & Noble Nook is real but not yet released. You can lend books but only to one person and only for 14 days.

Fourth player must decide among swine flu detector, Bluetooth spy, virtual nurse. Harvard Health has swine flue app that tracks it but it doesn’t predict whether you have flue. BlueWare: Spyware is real and it tracks phone activity, listens to live calls, extract text messages, and much more. Keas gives health feedback by text messaging.

One more question. What will we be talking about next year? Megan: augmented reality on your phone. Barbara: Cats and invisibility. Voice activated. Show things visually. Joe: Twitter won’t be important. We’ll share best practices about meshing information content with user expectations.

Marydee Ojala
Editor, ONLINE: Exploring Technology &
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Programme Director, Internet Librarian International
Chair, Search Engine Meeting
Program Director, WebSearch University

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