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Twitter ‘Meet & Greet’ at CIL2010

Carol Batt (@carolbatt) and Heather Braum @hbraum)brought up the idea of that maybe “Ooh… Maybe #cil2010 needs a Twitter non-virtual “meet and greet.”

This post has comments open and a place to put your Twitter with the comment so those that are interest in getting together to match up a face with a tweet stream can do so.  This is an unorganized deal so if anyone wants to step and keep track of ideas and such please feel free.  If a consensus is reached please let @itishows know and I will edit this post with the info people need to join their fellow tweeters.

I personally would recommend maybe before or after the Tuesday Evening Dead & Innovative Technology session since there is all that space in front of the session room with some couches and tall tables and its prety much  mid-conference.

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