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You can now easily bookmark, visit, or share the websites belonging simply by visiting the Bloggers@CIL2010 page and clicking the Get QR Code.  If you do not yet have a QR Code reader for your mobile device, check out the zxing Get The Reader page.  They released the free (and aptly named) Barcode Scanner for most Android devices as well providing the popular Barcodes product in the the iTunes App Store.

Web Search University

Web Search University

You can generate your own QR codes for sharing a wide range of information such as a Calendar Event, a URL, a GeoCoded Location, a vCard style Contact Information, an Email Address, a Pre-Addressed SMS Message, or a simple block of text.  More data formats are coming and you will soon be able to share specific YouTube videos, an iCal object, or – as one of the developers has suggested, a new URI syntax to communicate chat status updates, and to follow, for instance, a user on  a service like Twitter.

The QR Code on the right is a sample of a Calendar event and could be used by attendee’s of Web Search University up in Boston later this month to mark add those dates to their calendars.

Also here on you can get the GeoCoded QR for the Computers in Libraries 2010 venue for use in many mobile navigation systems like Navigator from Google Maps.  And if you don’t have a mobile device with barcode scanning capabilities you can still play with the technology using the ZXing Online Decoder where you can upload a barcode image or just paste in the URL of the item you want to decode.


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