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25th CIL Opening Session

CIL 2010 opened today. Tom Hogan Sr. announced at the opening session that attendance was approximately 2,000, which is gratifying in today’s economic climate. Attendees come from 47 states (none from AK, HI, and ID) and 17 countries.

This is CIL’s silver anniversary, and one long time attendee, Marshall Breeding, has the distinction of being to every one of them. Hogan therefore recognized this by presenting Breeding with a 25th anniversary gift–a silver pen.

In the photo above, you can see the quotation that Tom Hogan concluded his remarks with.  He asked attendees  to send him some examples of their experiences with technology.  The author of the best example will receive an American Express gift certificate from Information Today.

Don Hawkins
Columnist, Information Today, and CIL 2010 Blog Coordinator

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