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In 1995, Dan Hogan was working in public affairs at the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine, writing press releases, which were picked up by major newspapers and rewritten by journalists. Often those writers used “journalistic  license” to simplify and sometimes distort or sensationalize the research to make it more palatable to readers, he said.

LinkUp Digital

LinkUp Digital

Why not create a website that relies more factually and accurately on university research, without having to adulterate it, Hogan thought? He circulated a request for science new releases on Prof Net, a service used by journalist and public relations specialists. Quickly public affairs staff started sending him info on research studies. The site started out as a labor of love and part-time effort after his day job. When advertising picked up, the duo launched full-time in 2004. Now in 2010 he receives news updates from 2,000 universities.

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Site Provides Latest Scientific Research for Free.

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