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Planning and Designing for Attention: The Wednesday Keynote

Keynoter Jody Turner Chats With Program Chair Jane Dysart

Innovation advocate Jody Turner has worked with several consumer companies, mapping strategic pictures of today’s world and helping them understand today’s culture.  She is a heavy library user and said that libraries are useful to help design at the beginning of the process, not at the end like graphic designers who makes things attractive to consumers.

Today we are feeding information to multiple generations and must tailor our approach differently for each one.  How do we curate the right people with the right information?  The new model is to be who you are, do what you love, and define what having the information means to you.

Data is the new social capital.  The big word today is empathy.  People want to be part of a culture and part of a community, no longer just in a neighborhood.  Our role is to bring people together in meaningful interaction. If my “town” does well, we all do well.  Use your words to capture what is going on, and make up words (she used “innoventors” as an illustration) to describe the use of information in new ways.

Companies have brands and mission statements.  It is important for you to have your own personal mission statement and for your family to have one too.  Small things can make a difference; for example, when you are doing a project, set up a Google Alert so you are aware of external developments.  A good book to learn about this is The Power of Pull:  How Small Moves, Smartly Made, Can Set big Things in Motion.

Turner concluded with a list of trends and supporting resources.  They are all available at her website, Culture of Future.


[Technical note:  Why does the blog posting for Wednesday’s keynote immediately follow the one for Tuesday?  Because there is no conference Wi-Fi access in the Monterey Marriott, so I could not write the postings in real time (grrr!).]

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