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Mobile in the Enterprise

At NASA Goddard, librarians are talking the library to the users who are spread out across a rather large campus. Tonia Reynolds-Pope explained the planning process. They first identified which buildings they should target for library services. They then met with the building managers to get them on board. Finally, they selected an appropriate area within the building.

Mobile librarians Charles Early and Michael Chesnes described the type of work they do when they’re outside the library walls — and it’s not so different from what they do insider the library walls. They answer quick reference questions, do in-depth research, provide instructional services, delivery books, facilitate interlibrary loans, and issue library cards.  Chesnes said he sometimes travels to the other buildings on his bike.

At Sandia Laboratories, they’ve been considering the best technologies for reading ebooks. Danielle Pollack described the intensive process they went through in evaluating the various platforms, but noted that, since new platforms appear quickly, it’s difficult to go through any lengthy evaluation process. “If there’s been anything new since 8:30 this morning,” she quipped, “please let me know!” I was gratified that she cited an article in ONLINE (Jan/Feb 2010, by Nancy Allmang and Stacey Bruss)

Mobile Librarians at NASA

about choosing ereaders for NIST.

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