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Getting to Yes

Nzinga Holley-Harris from the FBI Library is talking about Getting to Yes After CIL. One of her great suggestions is to bring your IT person with you to CIL.

Also, do not try to BS the IT department and take a translator with you so that the IT people get convinced that you know what you’re talking about.

Don’t shove blame onto another department, like IT, when things go wrong. Take responsibility. Earn others’ trust.

Funding issues, everybody’s got them. Her solution: find product, try product, talk to director and ask how much money is available, then contact vendor and say “I have this much money and I am interested in your product. What can you do for this amount of money?” Sometimes lowballing works, but not always.

Don’t negotiate by email. Do it face to face. Ask for a history lesson.

Seek outside advice.

Use your network. Think of what other person needs when you’re negotiating.

Excellent advice and energizing presentation from Nzinga!

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