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More Getting to Yes

We’re now getting advice from Andrew Shuping, Emerging Technologies and Services Librarian, Jack Tarver Library,Mercer University.

Take names. When you hear something interesting at CIL, get their name so you can contact them later.

Know your audience. Who are you negotiating with? What are their interests and how do you grab their attention?

Users and time matter. Be prepared to explain why this is important to your users. (Don’t introduce text messaging to an Amish community would be an extreme example.) Just because it worked somewhere else, doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Free as in kittens – there will still be costs even if it’s free software. There will still be maintenance costs.

Get colleagues on board. Even if these colleagues are on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media.

Find person who’s opposite of you and bounce ideas off them. (Shuping phrases this as finding the Spock to your Kirk.)

Failure is an option. Take lessons learned and use that to create new approach.

Give back and make things better. Share stories of both success and failure.

Another excellent presentation, full of practical ideas!





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