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What About E-Book Readers? A Participatory Session

Session A302, “What About  E-Book Readers?” on Friday from 11:30am to 12:15pm will feature extensive audience participation, both from the physical audience and hopefully from a widespread virtual audience as well.

Chad Mairn

Chad Mairn, CTO, Novare Library Services, is sending out an “open invitation” via his and CIL’s social media outlets asking for volunteers to participate as guest “panelists” to share their experiences with eReaders/Tablets, and during the session, he will be monitoring incoming Twitter and Facebook feeds for comments and questions.

He will also bring a variety of tablets and e-Readers to the session so that people can try them out before and after the presentation.

Here’s your chance to ask everything you always wanted to know about e-readers and get a response from a large body of experts.  So please send in your questions and comments, and if you have enough expertise to be a guest “panelist”, please volunteer.

You can provide input or ask questions by tweeting with both of these hashtags: #CILDC #A302 or message @cmairn on Twitter.  You can also use the comments section on this post on our Facebook page.



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