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It’s a Wrap!

Another CIL conference has finished, and it was great.The theme was “Innovation in Libraries”, and there were many presentations on it. I learned a lot, and I hope that all our readers did. Be sure and follow up on the links in the presentations. You will soon be able to view the slides of many of the presentations on the conference website. The live streams of keynote sessions and the others held in the same room will be available a little later on the CIL Live page.

Everyone who worked so hard to make this conference a success deserves a round of applause:

  • Tom Hogan, Sr., President of ITI and conference host, for his overall wisdom and guidance,
  • The program planners who recruited an excellent lineup of speakers,
  • The ITI conference planning group, who made all the local arrangements and ensured that we were all comfortable,
  • The ITI technical staff, who looked after the websites, this blog, the Wi-Fi, and the PCs that the speakers used in their presentations, and who bailed us out when difficulties arose,
  • The hotel staff who carried out the arrangements, set up the refreshments, breakfasts, and the reception in the exhibit hall, and those who set up and dismantled the exhibit hall and the meeting rooms,
  • The ITI graphics group who made the signs, and prepared the program for production,
  • The ITI administrative group who prepared the materials that went into registration packets, assembled name badges, registered the attendees, collected the registration fees, and did a host of similar tasks,
  • The staff behind the registration desk who distributed registration materials to the attendees,
  • The exhibitors who came and displayed their products,
  • And finally, all of you, the attendees, without whom there would be no conference.

As you can see, a conference just does not happen by itself. It takes a tremendous amount of coordination and effort by many people. And it is not very long after one is finished before planning begins for the next one.
CIL 2013 will again be at the Washington Hilton on April 8-10 . Mark your calendars now and plan to attend!


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