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CIL Session Video: Mary Ellen Bates’ Super Searcher Secrets

Mary Ellen Bates, president and founder of Bates Information Services and super-searcher extraordinaire, kicked off the tracks at Computers in Libraries 2013 with her perennial favorite, “Super Searcher Secrets,” updating attendees on the very latest and greatest tips and techniques of professional web research.

“We need to remember that we need to surprise and delight our clients,” Bates says. “If people in your library are constantly having the experience of, ‘Oh my gosh, they found me something I didn’t know I could even ask for’ … they come back for more … For the rest of the conference, you’re going to be hearing about a lot of different search tools and resources, so what I’ve pulled together for today are the things that I hope will be, number one, unknown to you, and number two, will show you a way to use these resources to add value, to do something that your clients didn’t even know they could ask you to do.”

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