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Video from CIL 2013: Turning Out the LAMP

John Blyberg of Darien Library discusses the rise and fall (or at least modest decline) of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) in the library web technology ecosystem as a new generation of technologies like JavaScript using node.js have begun their ascendancy.

Speaking to web developers and managers of web developers, project managers, and others interested in emerging technologies poised to define the future of the web and the way professionals interact within it, Blyberg said, “LAMP has served us very well … but I’m going to introduce you to some technologies that you can add to your toolkit and use going forward, because the nature of the web is changing dramatically. Right now, we’re on the cusp of another leap forward in terms of moving from the read/write web to the active web. Some of these technologies that I’ll talk about today are going to address how we get ther and why we’re able to do the things that we do now.”


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