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Internet Librarian: Peter Morville Keynote

Information Inspiration Architecture: The Future of Libraries

Peter MorvilleTo understand the future of the library, we must look beyond its walls, to the tools and contexts–both physical and digital–where learning takes place. In school, where the disruptive innovations of open access and online courses are changing the architecture of education, the “embedded librarian” and the “single search box” aren’t just nice ideas: They’re mission-critical. And, in society, where citizens don’t know how to search, who to trust, or what to believe, our failure to advance information literacy threatens the very fabric of civilization.

Morville connects the dots from ebooks to ecosystems, framing the library as both a cultural keystone and a courageous act of inspiration architecture. This is a story that’s colorful– both kaleidoscopic and contrarian–with an argument that just may change the way you think.

Peter Morville’s Keynote address begins on Monday, October 28, 2013 at 8:45AM Pacific time and the stream will appear right here.

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