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A Remote Blogging Experience

Rebecca Jones, Jane Dysart, and Lee Rainie

(L-R) Rebecca Jones, Jane Dysart, and Lee Rainie meet before Lee’s keynote address


Lee Rainie’s keynote this morning is his 4th appearance at Internet Librarian.  And since it’s being video streamed live, I decided to try a remote blogging experiment.

Video streaming

Stephen Nathans-Kelly gets his video streaming equipment ready for the keynote.


Marydee Ojala will be watching and blogging Lee’s talk from her home in Indiana (I assume that’s where she is today).  I’ll be taking a few photos live here in Monterey and sending them to Marydee to add to her post.  So watch for her report here.

And Marydee, Lee asked me to ask you to treat him kindly!


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