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Session A104 – Discovery Systems

Web scale discovery (WSD) burst onto the library scene 5 years ago, but its impact on info pros and their institutions is significant. WSD affects collection use, acquisition decisions, and ultimately, the place of the library within a community’s psyche. This session features two discovery gurus from opposite sides of the Atlantic to explore the state of WSD, divulge tips to maximize its value to your community, and survey trends and technologies likely to influence future developments. They provide a fast overview of WSD systems on the market and share insights on engineering the discovery layer to delight and engage users, as well as tactics to tame the central index to serve your community. They peer into their crystal ball to envision the future of WSD in an environment of open scholarship, new librarianship, linked data, contextually aware search, and other emerging influential technologies.

Athena Hoeppner, Electronic Resources Librarian, University of Central Florida Libraries
Matt Borg, UX Librarian, Sheffield Hallam University

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