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Session A201 – App Hacking & Packing Subs in Your Mobile

Overwhelmed by the thought of creating a mobile app? Hear how one library made its subscribed resources easily available to very busy professionals in many locations on their tablets or phones. Providing easy access to resources on the go, using a mobile device of choice, was accomplished with a combination of responsive web design, an authentication platform, and a formula to pack library subscriptions. Responsive web design was used to make the library webpage mobile friendly, serving as a portal for their app package. The authentication platform (EZproxy + Ex Libris PDS + Active Directory) ensures that the library’s users securely identify themselves as IDB members, granting them access to the resources without the need to create new personal accounts. The formula to pack library subscriptions is a tiny HTML file that just needs a cool logo for the app and the address of the subscribed resource. Speakers illustrate their formula and discuss both the technical aspects of the webpage design and the strategies of outreach and simplification of the process for users.

Sarah Berg, Embedded Librarian, Inter-American Development Bank
Rodrigo Calloni, Systems Librarian, Felipe Herrera Library, Inter-American Development Bank

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