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1985 to 2015

1985 to 2015

As we were reminded at the registration desk, this was the 30th anniversary of CIL.  Like the previous ones, it was a great conference.  I attended lots of interesting and educational sessions on subjects like:

  • MOOCs and their effects on libraries
  • Makerspaces
  • 3D printers in libraries
  • Bibliometrics–a subject near and dear to my heart dating back to my initial experiments when I was working in the AT&T Bell Laboratories Library Network in the 1970s and 1980s.  (Many searchers should be able to turn up a couple of papers that I wrote on the subject.)
  • New uses of social media in libraries
  • E-books
  • Graph searching
  • Personas

… And the list goes on!

Of course, there was the usual Exhibit Hall, and it seemed to have more exhibitors and be better attended this year that in the past couple of years–no doubt a reflection in the improving economy.  I had fun in the Exhibit Hall participating again in another ITI Author Book Signing (couldn’t resist getting that in!).

Kudos to Jane Dysart and her team of organizers for coming up with another winner!

So as CIL enters its 4th decade, what will we find?  You will just have to come back next year to find out.  The place is the same–the Washington Hilton. Here are the dates–mark your calendars now!

2016 Dates

Will I see you there?

Don Hawkins
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