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Bibliometrics, Planning, and Shooting for the Stars

Jill Konieczko

Jill Konieczko

Jill Konieczko, Deputy Director, NASA Goddard Library, and Library Services Division Director, Zimmerman Associates, Inc., provides library services under contract to the NASA Goddard Library. NASA Goddard has about 10,000 employees doing research and concentrating on earth science, astrophysics, and planetary science. Its library is the 2016 FEDLINK Large Library of the Year. Here are some statistics on the library:

Goddard Library

Strategic planning in 2018: Information Services wanted to build on its success with ad hoc research requests such as identification of researchers’ publications, etc. and decided to develop a bibliometric service. Several staff were interested in bibliometrics and had attended training sessions, so logs of past requests were used to identify users who would be interested, and a business proposal was developed. An ORCID registration drive was conducted, and two “How to Get Published” workshops were offered. Marketing was done by items in a daily e-mail newsletter, flyers in buildings, and marquee signs.

Library staff members educated themselves through MOOCs, webinars, continuing education sessions at conferences, and self-paced learning.


  • Excel was used for data cleaning;
  • OpenRefine makes data pretty;
  • Venngage generates infographics and promotional materials.
  • VOSviewer open source software that is used for constructing and visualizing bibliometric networks.
  • Sci2 can clean, analyze data, and visualize a variety of data formats.
  • Gephi is OSS software for network visualization and analysis.
  • Tableau is flexible in sources it can accept and visualize data and create dashboards.

The Maryland SLA chapter’s site is very useful for background information.

Their first request for a bibliometric project was to identify 30 people under consideration to be appointed AGU Fellows.

Project request

They were surprised at how much time it took to clean up the data. Then they ran the analysis and prepared for the launch of the program. Unfortunately the project could not be launched  because their government contract didn’t include approval for the program.

Lessons learned


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