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Wireless Instructions for Computers in Libraries 2012

Information Today, Inc. has arranged wireless Internet access for all attendees throughout the session rooms for all three days of the conference.

#CILDC Wireless Network Map

#CILDC Wireless Network Map

Accessing the Wireless Network at Computers in Libraries 2012

The Hilton where the conference is being held is in the process of expanding wireless access to their entire event space.  This project will not be completed before CIL 2012 so we have made special arrangements to cover the areas the Hilton has not yet provisioned.

Area #1 encompasses the entire International Ballroom area.  This is where the morning keynote addresses will take place as well as several tracks throughout the conference.  This is also the area where the Hilton’s wireless networking is not yet in place.

Area #2 includes the central Concourse Foyer near registration and the Jefferson, Lincoln, and Monroe session rooms down the Crystal Corridor.

Connecting in Area #1

Attendees in the International Ballrooms should connect to one of the ITI access points spread throughout the area.  These access points will all be named for flowers (such as Rose, Lily, Daisy…etc.).

  1. Connect to the access point with the strongest signal based on your location.  If you have any problems connecting, please just try another access point.  No matter where you are in Area #1 you should be within range of at least three or four “flowers”.  These are encrypted connections so you will need to use the access key infotoday to get connected.
  2. Once connected, open a web browser and at the Hilton login page enter infotoday as the username and the password.

Connecting in Area #2

This area is is covered by the hotel’s in-house wireless network.

  1. Connect to the hhonors network. This is an open access network so no login will be required to establish the connection.
  2. Once connected, open a web browser and at the Hilton login page enter infotoday as username and the password.


Better Know a Hashtag

As noted on the official Computers in Libraries site and in the Final Program (PDF) the official hashtag for Computers in Libraries 2012 is #CILDC.

Please use #CILDC

Please use #CILDC

There are a few reasons for this.  In past years we have come into conflict with other groups using #CIL<year> including one year when our event took place concurrently with an S&M event in Cairo Egypt that happened to have the same CIL initials.

Also, a “tweet record” includes a date so it is pretty easy to figure out which Computers in Libraries conference a tweet is referring to when you see it.

And finally, there is no reason anymore to treat Twitter like a passing fad or only a website based service.  People use a wide array of Twitter clients and by using a consistent tag — year after year — people who program saved searches into their Twitter clients will see the tweets about each years events as early as they wish to.  This means they do not miss the Call for Speakers alerts or questions from the planners and organizers.

Tweet Archive

This year we will again be archiving conference tweets and making them available after the event ends.  The only hashtag our archival system will be watching for is #CILDC.  If you wish to ensure your tweets make it into the archive, please use that hashtag. If you use others it will not prevent archiving as long as that tag is somewhere in your tweet.

Photos from the Face-Off

As advertised: There are tools, tools, tools, but this event features learn, learn, learn while having fun! Our panel has ideas, but be sure to bring yours too! If we want to improve collaborative work, productivity, data representation, and research, what are the best Web 2.0 tools to use?

The Game Plan! – Three periods of play jam-packed with ideas, tips and tricks — and even penalties and power plays! Team 1 (Blue Jerseys) takes on Team 2 (Red Jerseys) with captains and players while referees keep the pace going, and there is additional color commentary and expert analysis between periods. The game will be fast-paced, so be ready to tweet your cheers.t your cheers.

Here are some of the photos from the set up for tonight’s evening event.

Sorry I did not get a shot of the red and blue teams or the elusive stealth Green team.

Face-off Setup Gallery

QR Code Treasure Hunt at IL2011

Do you enjoy a good puzzle? Do you like using the newest technology? Whether you are familiar with QR codes or just starting to investigate them, gain a better understanding and use of these codes by participating in the QR Code Treasure Hunt. The first code will be at the registration desk starting on Monday morning. Scan the code with your mobile device and get started on the hunt! The codes will contain clues and be your map.

If you need a QR code reader, the following are free and found in the market/store for each device:

  • iphone: i-nigma, Barcodes, Qrafter, NeoReader, TapReader
  • Android: I-nigma, Barcode Scanner, QuickMark Barcode Scanner, Google Goggles, NeoReader
  • Blackberry: I-nigma, Qrem
  • Palm: de CODE

For more information on QR Codes at the Internet Librarian conference, attend any or all of the following:

This special activity for Internet Librarian attendees was designed by Kelly Sattler (@ksattler on Twitter), Digital Projects Librarian, Digital Information, Michigan State University Libraries. Kelly has been a librarian for 4 years and has worked in the I.T. realm for over 15 years. She currently is the project manager for Michigan State University Libraries Web Services team.