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Bloggers at Internet Librarian

The following bloggers will be reporting from Internet Librarian 2018. If you plan to blog from the event, register your blog at our Blogger Sign-Up Page.

Dan Lou

Blog Description

Share cutting edge robotics development, single board computer experiments, and website design practices with libraries.

Evan Lynch

Blog Description

I post about library conferences and book reviews related to libraries.

Jane Dysart

Jarrell Pulliam

Blog Description

YouTube channel that I'm just getting started. My videos will range from atmosphere videos (one will materialize from Internet Librarian), to food challenges, to music, to the old occasional sword video (I love swords!!). I have a lot of different interests and my channel showcases that. I'm based in Tampa, FL and I have a lyric video for a song I wrote about our library system. Google HCPLC to see the live action video!

Jason T Green

Blog Description

Live Tweets from an eLibrarian about the happenings at the Internet Librarian 2018 Conference in Monterey, CA.

Pippa Davies

Blog Description

Learning commons events, such as book club, literacy promotions and maker events. Unit study kits that we have written to support our standards, monthly themes, contests, new books in our systems. Digital tools and book reviews.

Robert Teeter

Blog Description

Insights in water, librarianship, and the intersection of the two.

Stephen Abram