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Outreach 2.0: The Digital Revolution in Public Relations (Video)

Jonesboro Public Library Director of Technology Benjamin Bizzle demystifies the mechanics and merit of Facebook ad campaigns, while Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library Digital Services Director David Lee King explains how to build a library Facebook page, how to extend its visibility and in turn the visibility of the library, right down to what to post, when, and how.

Video from CIL 2013: The New Faces of Reference

Topics include the development and implementation of the EPA’s national library network; collaboration, shared viewing, and remote desktop control, and the increasingly online-based nature of reference; partnering to develop a mobile app for a public library system (and how it works for patrons); and both the impetus/history and technical details of developing an app for just-in-time reference desk staffing for a regional university library.

Video from CIL 2013: Change Without Pain?

From “lazy consensus” to management style flexibility, Jill Sodt of Blackhawk College and Laura Botts of Mercer University offer remedies for the difficulties attendant to technological sea changes, shifting expectations, and interdepartmental communication issues that academic and institutional librarians contend with on an ongoing basis.

CIL 2013: Advances in Automation (Video)

Marshall Breeding discusses trends and analysis in library automation in this $1.8 billion industry, based on his ongoing research on the topic, reflected in his annual “Library Automation Marketplace” industry report for Library Journal and the Library Technology Guides website that he’s managed since 1997.

Video from CIL 2013: Turning Out the LAMP

John Blyberg of Darien Library discusses the rise and fall (or at least modest decline) of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) in the library web technology ecosystem as a new generation of technologies like JavaScript using node.js have begun their ascendancy.

Speaking to web developers and managers of web developers, project managers, and others interested in emerging technologies poised to define the future of the web and the way professionals interact within it, Blyberg said, “LAMP has served us very well … but I’m going to introduce you to some technologies that you can add to your toolkit and use going forward, because the nature of the web is changing dramatically. Right now, we’re on the cusp of another leap forward in terms of moving from the read/write web to the active web. Some of these technologies that I’ll talk about today are going to address how we get ther and why we’re able to do the things that we do now.”


CIL Session Video: Mary Ellen Bates’ Super Searcher Secrets

Mary Ellen Bates, president and founder of Bates Information Services and super-searcher extraordinaire, kicked off the tracks at Computers in Libraries 2013 with her perennial favorite, “Super Searcher Secrets,” updating attendees on the very latest and greatest tips and techniques of professional web research.

“We need to remember that we need to surprise and delight our clients,” Bates says. “If people in your library are constantly having the experience of, ‘Oh my gosh, they found me something I didn’t know I could even ask for’ … they come back for more … For the rest of the conference, you’re going to be hearing about a lot of different search tools and resources, so what I’ve pulled together for today are the things that I hope will be, number one, unknown to you, and number two, will show you a way to use these resources to add value, to do something that your clients didn’t even know they could ask you to do.”