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Internet Librarian Topics 1997-2009

As suggested by Kathy Dempsey, author of The Accidental Library Marketer and one of the fine bloggers at The ‘M’ Word – Marketing Libraries blog, here is a collection of Wordles based on the final program for each of the Internet Librarian conferences from 1997 to 2009.

In the course of compiling this information I was struck, once again, by how far we have come. Currently the Internet Librarian and Computers in Libraries conference programs are published using XML and XLST so if we make a change to a session title or description or a speaker’s bio, its pushed out in the XML file and instantly the site s up to date everywhere that information is used. Going back in time for this information was like an archeological dig through the the history of web development all the way back to the days before CSS and to when ITI hand coded the entire program in plain HTML.

When it comes to working with data on the web, there were no “good old days” to look back on with fondness in my opinion.

As requested, here are the source files I used – minus the year seedings:

For a full size animation of the sort below, visit Internet Librarian Through the Years.

Year by Year

Same Time (almost), Same Place Next Year

And so another Internet Librarian conference came to a close. By any measure, it was the best ever. We had record attendance, a program with outstanding speakers, great networking opportunities, a great exhibit hall, receptions with delicious food and drink, excellent organization and facilities, a great location…and to top it all off, let’s not forget the spectacular weather–3 days of beautiful sunshine. So congratulations to all the ITI staff who worked so hard to make it possible and Jane Dysart and her committee for recruiting all the speakers.

Internet Librarian 2007 will again be in Monterey, and the dates are October 29-31. Put it on your calendar now! And why not consider submitting a paper for the program? The Call for Papers will be issued in a few months–watch for it!

See you next year!

Don Hawkins
IL2006 Blog Coordinator and Columnist, Information Today

What’s Hot in Social Software A to Z

Steve Cohen gave a wonderful list of hot social networking software. Here is his list (I haven’t hyperlinked the URLs, but they will be on his web site soon.) After he had presented his list, he invited the audience to suggest more, and they are also listed here.

What a wonderful session! Enjoy!

Don Hawkins
IL2006 Blog Coordinator and Columnist, Information Today


A: Ajax—tool to make interaction easier. Used by every social software site
B: Beta—everything is in beta. Also Browster. Don’t have to move away from a site to view new window
C: CoComment:—keep track of all your comments on multiple blogs. Also Cohen Family recipies:
D: digg:—put up a story and vote on it and it’s ranked. Can search and see everything new
E: Econsultant:—THE directory of cool tools—organized and perfectly categorized. “A beautiful service”
F: Flickr
G: Gmail— Has chat feature. “Beats their search engine”
H: Hype. Lots of networking tools are all hype and won’t survive because they have no business model.
I: Image Editors: resize photos, (quick and easy—free, beautiful tool), Snipshot—can edit PDFs or from a URL.
J: Jenny Levine—queen of social software
K: ??
L: Library Thing catalog your own books and classify them, share them with others in the system. See who has cataloged the same books as you—a great recommendation tool. Many others (Babes with Books)
M: Moo—create cards from Flickr
Meebo—do web-based IM on multiple systems (virtual reference tool?). Never have to DL any more IM tools.
Media convert—convert any media file to any other format
N: Netvibes—create your own “My” page with feeds, blog searches, web searches, weather
O: OCLC—Web junction
P: Pandora—create your own music stations, vote on songs, and it makes you a station, can block songs for time
Purevideo—metasearch for videos over 30 sies
Q: ??
R: RSS—may not be social software. It’s all just “take”
S: Stevens, Michael
Snapper—grab parts of page and create screenshot from the selection–
Slideshare— “The U2 for ppt presentations”—upload ppt presentations and view them or share them
T: Trackback? (may be dead?)
Typo of the Day – people posting the most commonly misspelled words in library catalogs.
V: ??
W: Wikis
X: ??
Y: YouTube (1.6 BILLION hits!!)
Z: Zoho—Virtual office—Web based Word, excel, ppt.

Audience-suggested sites:
Gmail space. Remote file storage. Listen to MP3s without uploading them
Twingine—comparison between Yahoo and Google search results in parallel
Gliffy—collaborative chart building tool
Flock—firefox version integrating, Flickr, etc. into the browser
Qumana—easy blogging tool
CiteULike— for academic papers—creates a citation library and tells you where they’re available—tag and categorize scholarly papers
Picassa—web photo albums—upload and share your photos
Odeo—create podcasts—or upload and share audio files

Pat’s Social Networking A to Z

[Note by Don: Steve Cohen gave a wonderful summary of social networking software. (Steve writes the librarystuff blog, which is published by Information Today, and is contributing to this blog as well.) Following Steve’s model, Pat Feeney, our Guest Blogger, compiled her own list.]

The comments below are mine, but I thank Gary, Greg, Steven, and others for all the links, most of which I have yet to explore. I invite everyone to explore them with me. I know there’s some cool stuff listed below. Many thanks also to Don Hawkins for the invitation to be a guest blogger. If I never blog again, at least I can say I’ve done it!

A:—the new kid on the block—watch out!; Awesome—all the speakers and their presentations

B: Blogging! Bloglines, Book Pricing Comparisons

C: CustomizeGoogle (using Firefox)


E: Exhilarated, Exhausted – what I was for 5 days, depending on time of day!

F: Filangy, Furl (

G: Google – yes still, and forever…

H: Happy to be here this year

I: Infomine E-Alerts,

J: Just wishing I already understood all I’ve heard this week!

K: Kind and generous with their time—all conference participants.

L: LookAhead

M: More—give me more, please.

N: Nexidia

O: Open Content Alliance

P: , Pandora

Q: Questions? Yes I’ve got questions—I’ll probably be bugging some of you soon!

R: RSS, Rollyo

S: Squeet, ,

T: Topix, TerraFly

U: Virtual Training Suite

V; Vendors—saw all I planned to, and others I’m happy I spent time with.

W: Webaroo

X: EXalead ( (OK, it’s the closest I could get to an “X!”)

Y: Yes, I’ll come again!

Z: ZapTxt

Pat Feeney
Unisys Corporation and Infotodayblog Guest Blogger