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Bloggers at Internet Librarian

blackboard-620314_640The bloggers listed here will be sharing thoughts and information from Internet Librarian 2015 in Monterey, California from October 26th through the 28th.

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  • Stephen Abram / @sabramStephen’s Lighthouse – Trends and Insights into libraries around the world.
  • Dr. Mary Ann Bell / @drmaryannbell – For Whom the Bell Told – As much as I like blogs, I update mine sporadically. I did blog during last year’s IL West and plan to do so again this year. My topics are librarianship and technology. I am looking forward to keeping up with bloggers at this year’s conference.
  • Heather Braum / @HbraumLibrarian in the Cloud – These days, I’m only blogging during conferences or workshops, usually around innovation, technology or open source software in libraries, especially the Koba ILS, and occasionally other subjects.
  • Carolyn Foote / @technolibraryNot So Distant Future – intersection of libraries, technology and students
  • Trey Gordner / @koioslibFacing the Stacks: Library Success in the Digital Age – We provide commentary on conference proceedings, with special attention paid to library software and user experience.