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Philippe Cloutier and Nicole Partridge

Grow, Experiment, and Learn: Microsoft Library Evolution

Nicole Partridge and Philippe Cloutier from the Microsoft Library & Archives discussed the role of libraries in Microsoft and how they have evolved. In 1983, Microsoft’s first librarian was hired, and the library had 50 books, It received the first mouse and produced the first edition of MS Word. In 2014, a new CEO was […]

Peter Morville

Tomorrow’s Architects: The Wednesday Keynote

  Peter Morville, President, Semantic Studios and Author, Planning for Everything: The Design of Paths and Goals, presented the Wednesday keynote. He began with a photo of Harpers Ferry, WV and recounted the story of John Brown. Morville had a dream and wanted to organize information so people can find what they need. He wrote […]


Monterey Street Market

On Tuesday afternoons, there is a street market close to the hotel, and many farmers in the area come to sell their fresh produce. Here are a few scenes from this week’s market.

Sarah Dahlen, Kenny Garcia, Randal Harrison

Empowering the UX: LibGuides, Discovery, and Silos

Sarah Dahlen and Kenny Garcia from California State University (CSU), Monterey Bay discussed the A/B(C)s of Discovery System Usability: A/B testing and Customization. They adopted ExLibris’s Primo as their discovery system and used A/B testing as a quantitative measure, supplemented by a scenario-based testing (talk aloud method with followup questions). A/B testing is not commonly […]


Web Design and UX: Color and Drupal

Elaina Norlin, Executive Director, Broward County Library System has studied color psychology extensively. She presented some fascinating observations on her observations of websites and logos. This chart shows what various colors suggest to people. The most overused color on websites is blue, followed by red. Here are some opinions about color. Norlin then showed logos […]

David Lee King, Marshall Breeding, Roy Tennant

Website Design Winners and Losers

Roy Tennant, Sr. Program Officer, Research, OCLC, began with a critical review of the website for Dickinson Public Library in Texas. Problems: the city has forced its design on the library; the calendar of events cycles through the same month; and the navigation is botched: if you click on the library website you often get […]