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(L-R) Jane Dysart, Carmen Pereira, Fedele Canosa

From Collection to Connection: Engaging Community Spaces: The Wednesday Evening Session

This session by two highly qualified architects from Mecanoo Architects dealt with libraries’physical spaces. Libraries are very significant buildings in the fabric of a city and are literally an extension of public space. They embody the society and culture of the communities they serve and have changed from book collection places to spaces connecting many […]

Jennifer Fagan-Fry

NOAA Institutional Repository as a Catalyst for Organizational Change

Jennifer Fagan-Fry, NOAA IR Manager, NOAA Central and Regional Libraries, said that NOAA is part of the Department of Commerce, and its research covers from the bottom of the ocean to the surface of the sun. The central library is a network of over 20 libraries across the country. It collects current and historical NOAA […]

ILS Migrations

This panel described some experiences in migrating Integrated Library Systems (ILSs). John DeLooper, Web Services/Online Learning Librarian at Lehman College, said that ILS migrations are hard but doable. There are 5 key lessons to be learned (each of the panelists discussed one of them). The history of ILSs is important because we can learn from […]

Brian Pichman

Onboarding AI and Machine Learning

Brian Pichman, Director of the Evolve Project, said that AI is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence; it is becoming more available to the masses. Machine learning is a subset of AI that uses algorithms and statistical models to allow a computer system to make decisions […]