Recent Events

Wednesday Evening Panel

Are Librarians Smarter Than a Machine?: The Wednesday Evening Session

The always popular evening session this year featured a panel of information professionals and several voice-activated devices plus a robot. Panelists on this session were Steven Abram (Chair), Ryan Hess, Dan Lou (not shown in photo), David Lee King, Amy Affelt, Gary Price, and Sue Considine. Each panelist presented a short opinion on the devices, and […]

Jill Konieczko

Bibliometrics, Planning, and Shooting for the Stars

Jill Konieczko, Deputy Director, NASA Goddard Library, and Library Services Division Director, Zimmerman Associates, Inc., provides library services under contract to the NASA Goddard Library. NASA Goddard has about 10,000 employees doing research and concentrating on earth science, astrophysics, and planetary science. Its library is the 2016 FEDLINK Large Library of the Year. Here are […]

Greg Notess

Search 8.0: Vocal, Graphical, and the Rise of AI

Greg Notess, Faculty and Graduate Student Librarian, Montana State University (now retired) and Author, Search Engine Showdown, discussed the changing nature of search. We are seeing a change in how we start and run searches. We used to have text frequency; now we have our devices with us all the time, and they are tracking […]

Susan Considine and Ben Bizzle

It’s All About Story

Ben Bizzle, CEO, LibraryMarket, said he is scared to read to people in public. But he has a script and read part of a story which will  appear in a chapter of a book, It’s All About the Story, that he and Susan Considine are co-authoring. The story is about a homeless man who came […]

Susie Kopecky

Digitizing and Archiving

Susie Kopecky, Librarian at Allan Hancock College (AHC, the only California community college named for an individual) in Santa Maria, CA, described how a family’s archive was processed at AHC. The library at the college is the location of the Hancock Family Estate Archives (HFEA) containing materials relating to the life of Captain G. Allan […]

Philippe Cloutier and Nicole Partridge

Grow, Experiment, and Learn: Microsoft Library Evolution

Nicole Partridge and Philippe Cloutier from the Microsoft Library & Archives discussed the role of libraries in Microsoft and how they have evolved. In 1983, Microsoft’s first librarian was hired, and the library had 50 books, It received the first mouse and produced the first edition of MS Word. In 2014, a new CEO was […]