Recent Events

Don Hawkins and Lee Rainie

The Wednesday Evening Session: Facts in the Digital Age: Coping in an Era of Total Noise

The popular evening session was a conversation by well-known CIL speaker Lee Rainie, Director, Internet, Science & Technology Research, Pew Research Center and Peter Raymond, a serial innovator, entrepreneur, strategist, and creative technologist who has worked with cognitive AI and the Internet of Things. Lee began by presenting some thoughts drawn from Pew’s recent studies. Many things […]

James Werle and Carson Block

Toward Gigabit Libraries

James Werle, Internet 2 Community Anchor Program and Carson Block, Carson Block Consulting, discussed two levels of high-speed internet access: the technical level and policy level. Joyce Johnston, Department of English, George Mason University, reviewed the current issue of net neutrality. James started by discussing a project to put a pilot toolkit for high speed access […]

Brian Pichman

Privacy, the Dark Web, and Hacker Devices

Brian Pichman, Director, Evolve Project, gave a fast-paced review of security problems that can occur when using the internet. There was too much information to summarize here, so check out his presentation on the conference presentation page. Or you can read my summary of his talk at last fall’s Internet Librarian conference here, which was […]

Makerspace panel

From Makerspace to Solve Space: A Road Map

This double-length session was a mini-workshop for those who wanted to know how to go beyond the “gee whiz” aspect of makerspaces, and make them into “solve spaces” to enable the creation of new knowledge and new intellectual property.  Mike Cimino, Director of STEAM and Making, Fayetteville Free Library (FFL) Fab Lab, said they were […]

Daniel Lee (L) and Brendan Howley (R) with Jane Dysart

The Wednesday Keynote: Digital Transformation in Libraries: Participatory Culture Hubs

Brendan Howley and Daniel Lee, Co-founders, Icebox Logic, keynoted the second day. Daniel began by describing the digital transformation happening in public libraries, which expand the commons and are one of the last truly human places in a homogenized digital world that is becoming increasingly complicated: a “digital jacuzzi” or soup of contents. We should […]