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QR Code Brain Dump by Mark Sprague

During Computers in Libraries 2010 we used QR Codes as an easy way for attendees to grab the URL’s for the many bloggers at the conference. For some folks, this use of the two dimensional encoding squares was old hat, and for others it was their first time seeing this 16 year old technology in action.

Name that Blog?

After years of use in Asia, QR Codes use is increasing in the US as a direct result of widespread adoption of smart phones with bar code scanning capabilities like Android powered phones and the Apple iPhone. The simple codes we used are just the beginning of what QR Code technology can express. The code on the right provides a link to the website of one of the Bloggers@CIL2010 – if you don’t have a phone with a barcode scanner, you can use one of the free online decoders like this one from ZXing.

Mark Sprague has written a very comprehensive post outlining QR technology and its many extensions and uses. Some of the designer codes he showcases are very cool. There are even QR codes with embedded graphics or company logos. I’d like to also thank Paula Hane, one of the LibConf bloggers and News Bureau Chief at Information Today, Inc. for featuring Mark’s post on Facebook since that is where I first saw it.

Read it at Understanding QR Codes.

Pick a Twitter App for @itishows

Ok, here’s the deal.  My Android G1 was acting up and was overloaded with apps that stayed resident but are never used because when I first got it I went completely nuts grabbing cool sounding toys and then never got around to uninstalling them.  They were dragging the OS and even forcing reboots every few days.  So last night I wiped the phone clean with the goal of being more selective about what I install and having my phone running fast and clean for Computers in Libraries 2010.

I have my core must have apps installed (foursquare, Facebook, ConnectBot, and the ZXing Team Barcode Scanner.

What I don’t have is a Twitter App.  I have tried several over the years for my personal account and never found one that stood out from the rest so I have no ‘favorite’ to go with now.

Please suggest an app that has Location support – anything else is icing on the cake.  Twitter List management would be good but its not critical.  Free is nice but I am not adverse to tossing a few bucks to a developer who makes a nice product so don’t limit your suggestions to freebies.  Keep in mind that my[[ Android G1]] runs Android 1.6 but that should not be a factor.